Infertility inspired poetry: well I wasn’t expecting that

For years I used creative writing as a cathartic pastime to help me heal from the emotional damage caused by infertility.  Yet during all of those years it never crossed my mind to write about infertility.  Once I started doing that about two years ago something obviously happened because, not only did I start writing articles I started writing poetry.  I’ve always written poetry during times of emotional distress even when the poetry hasn’t reflected that distress in an obvious way.  So to say that I was surprised when I wrote my first infertility inspired poem is an understatement of the century.   The first poem I wrote was “A Million Shards of Despair” and came to me one night as I was having trouble sleeping.  By the time it was morning I’d already thought of 90% of the content and simply needed to get it down onto paper before I started to forget.  Here’s the end result …



Infertility Inspired Poetry


I expect over the coming months I’ll share some of the other infertility inspire poetry that I’ve penned: however, I did want to share my latest offering with you now.  There’s definitely been a shift into something more positive: yes infertility sucks yet it is possible to move forward …

Infertility Inspire Poetry


If you have written any infertility inspired poetry, short stories or used art to work through your pain I would love to hear from you.

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