A new course about coming to terms with unresolved infertility

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Emotional healing for unresolved infertility

For a while now I’ve known that I wanted to create a course to help people struggling with unresolved infertility take those first tentative steps towards moving forward.  For me it was a natural progression: in a previous existence I was an IT and Business Analyst Trainer for 15 years’ experience, so training as well as writing is in my blood.  It really was a case of WHEN not IF I launched the course.  Well the WHEN was going to be this week.  I’d been planning content for a while and always had the middle of September in mind as the “go live” date.

Then World Childless Week (WCW) appeared on my radar.  Although WCW is not specifically about unresolved infertility childless-not-by-choice is a cause close to my heart.  So I decided that WCW needed to be a priority because the date wasn’t movable: the date of my course launch could be.  Good job that it is movable because I’m about two, or may be three, weeks behind schedule on the content creation.  There are only so many hours in the day and for the last four weeks the priority has been World Childless Week.

However, I didn’t want the people visiting my site during this week to miss out on the opportunity of the launch discount that I’m planning.  So I’m giving out promotional codes for the course in advance of the launch.  If you want a code click on the link provided.

You’ll immediately receive one email from me containing the code.  You’ll also received an email from me when the course is ready to be launched.  This email will tell you where to use your promotional code and how long it is valid for.

For more information about the course please watch the video.


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